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Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Pam Benike describes how diversification and best practices have led to success on her five (going on six!) generation family farm. View the feature here:

Prairie Hollow is a long-time vendor with our market, and Pam was the Market Manager in the late 1990s! The family is known at the market for their diverse CSA share offerings, fresh produce throughout the winter, and farmstead cheese.

Pam is also a mentor to new farmers and market vendors. She offers coaching to new vendors each season and is the author of Behind the Table: A Guide for Farmers Market Vendors, available on Amazon.

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Well, the market and the farm are very cool things, because I think it's better to buy organic products than these vegetables and fruits from the supermarket that are not grown in the same place. My grandmother has a dacha outside the city, in a place far enough away from all the emissions from the city, and she grows her own vegetables and fruits there, which are very tasty and healthy. She also earns her living in this way. Recently, I created an account on Instagram and I blog with my grandmother there, and to my surprise, I no longer have a small number of subscribers, but thanks to, I can increase this number with the help of the…

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