Thank you for your interest in selling your products at our Market!
At their meeting in May 2020, our Board of Directors unfortunately decided that we are not able to accept new vendors at this time due to the changing conditions and requirements on the market during the COVID-19 pandemic. New vendor applications have been deferred to a deadline of February 28, 2021 for summer 2021 and following markets.


We accept applications every year prior to the end of February for the following summer, fall, and winter markets. Please read through the guidelines below and submit the form at the bottom of the page to  
To sell at the Market, a vendor MUST meet the following qualifications:

  • Live and grow/raise products within 50-miles of Rochester, Minnesota.

  • Products are grown/raised by the vendor, his/her family, and the vendor's employees/hired labor

The following items may be sold at our Market:
 All foods must meet applicable Minnesota State Department of Agriculture and/or Health regulations. All applicants are reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors.

The following items are generally allowed:


Fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, food grains, flowers, eggs, honey, maple syrup, sorghum, 

and bedding plants or nursery stock started from seed or raised by the grower for 45 days or more.

 The following items are regulated individually by our Board of Directors:


All custom-processed meat, poultry and fish products sold at the market must be 100% from animals or fish raised by the farmer/producer. The primary ingredient in sausage or other value-added products must be grower-originated.  Meat, poultry, and fish must be housed and fed on the vendor's farm or approved leased land for a minimum duration before harvesting/producing:

  • poultry (28 days, egg layers exempt)

  • lamb/goat/deer (90 days)

  • hogs/boars/fish (120 days)

  • beef/bison/elk (240 days)

Dairy products:

If produced by the vendor, dairy products may be value-added commercially.

The value-added product must contain at least 90% raw components produced by the vendor on his farm.


Crafts must be produced substantially from farm-grown or -raised components.

Crafts may not be the sole item sold.

Jams and jellies:

Preserves may be sold if the vendor produces the main ingredient(s) and produces the product. Ingredients must be listed on the label, and the vendor should identify which ingredients are produced by the vendor.

Canned goods:

Canned goods may be sold if the vendor produces the main ingredient(s), processes the product, and meets Minnesota State regulations for display, labeling, and production.

Baked goods:

Vendors may sell baked goods only if they are selling other products that are grown or raised on their farm.

If some ingredients of the baked goods are raised by the vendor, the vendor is not required to sell other products.


The Board of Directors will consider admittance of a limited number (not to exceed 5) of food concession stands on a case-by-case basis.  Menus must be approved in advance. Products must be made primarily from the farmers/producers own produce, dairy, meats, and cheeses, or made primarily from ingredients purchased from market farmers/growers. All prepared, ready-to-eat food producers should be familiar with what is at market and adjust their offerings to reflect what is seasonal. Process and equipment must meet all standards set out by the city/county/state.

Vendor Categories


Permanent Vendor

A vendor who has permanent weekly status within the market and may choose not to attend on any date while retaining their spot. Our permanent vendor membership is currently FULL, and temporary vendors are offered permanent spots as they become available based on seniority.


Temporary Vendor

A vendor who applies prior to the annual temporary vendor deadline (February)  and who may request to attend any market. Available spots are assigned to temporary vendors in order of seniority (date earliest consecutive application was received).


Probationary Vendor

A vendor who applies after the annual temporary vendor deadline (March or later) and who may request to attend any market. Available spots are assigned to probationary vendors in order of seniority (date application was received). Probationary vendors pay higher weekly stall fees and an additional administrative fee compared to temporary vendors.


Concession Vendor

A vendor who sells foods for immediate consumption that are cooked/prepared during Market hours. Approved concession vendors may choose to attend any Saturday market during the summer season. 

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