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Meet Your Farmers | Simple Soaps for Simple Folks

Shanna McCann and Simple Soaps for Simple Folks have attended Rochester Farmers Markets since 2009. In her words, her mission is "to create a quality bar of handcrafted goat milk soap for YOU, the customer, to use, gift and above all, ENJOY! We do this by using certified organic base oils, avoiding synthetic color/pigments, utilizing our fresh goat’s milk, and producing small, artisan batches of soap to preserve quality and craftsmanship."

The goats enjoy a grain-free diet, browsing in the summer and beet pulp in the winter. When we visited in March, the new goat kids were just starting to nibble at beet pulp shreds rather than nursing for milk.

The soap is made by hand, scented, poured into molds to distinguish the fragrances, cured, and packaged individually for sale at the farmers market, People's Food Co-Op, and numerous other local retail stores.

For Shanna, the farm is a place to share her love of her animals and her craft with others - she offers goat yoga, goat milking, soap making and more classes on the farm!

You can learn more about Shanna, sign up for classes, and order products at

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