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Meet Your Farmers | Schmidt Farm

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Paul and Karen of Schmidt Farm (formerly SunFresh Foods) have a few very distinct, unique product lines at the market. We hope you stop by their booth year-round or visit the farm near Preston, MN to see the many faces of their business.

In the spring, look for organic asparagus with fat, crunchy spears that are tender all the way through and hand-snapped at ground level (not cut by a machine like the asparagus you find at the grocery store).

From mid-August through the fall, the family switches to selling organic garlic in many gourmet and heirloom varieties. Paul prefers to be known as "The Garlic Guy"!

We visited the farm in mid-April during a slow spring, just before the first round of asparagus began to emerge from the ground. Paul and Karen showed off their love of education, explaining the rotation cycle for the garlic and how new beds are selected for asparagus.

We couldn't help but notice their fondness for animals! The farm is home to many species, each with their own unique purpose, name, and story.

During the winter months, Karen produces whimsical creatures and other fiber art creations using needle felting and fiber which is hand-sheared from her beloved llamas and Icelandic sheep.

Paul and Karen are also passionate about educating farmers, encouraging organic practices and renewable energy. They are active in the Sustainable Farming Association, and Paul serves as Treasurer on the market's Board of Directors.

You can learn more about Schmidt Farm on Facebook, or book a farm stay through VRBO!

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