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Meet Your Farmers | Hidden Stream Farm

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

When she first started farming, Lisa Klein worked in the fields with a baby strapped to her back. Thankfully, the kids have grown up a bit by now, and there is lots of help on the farm!

Hidden Stream Farm has been part of Rochester Farmers Markets for many years. If you don't know them yet for their excellent meat products, you'll recognize them immediately as the family with the $1 donation balloon animals! Andy, the original balloon artist, saved his cash from years of balloon art to help pay for college and has passed the skills on to his younger siblings.

On their farm in Elgin, MN, the Kleins are passionate about sustainable agriculture, raising beef, pork, and chicken products and eggs for our market as well as wholesale buyers. They also raise most of the grass hay and grain their animals eat over the winter.

We learned about crop rotation, pest control, and a unique system where chickens are moved daily to fresh grass, and in each spot they fertilize the pasture and help control insects.

As a family operation, everyone at Hidden Stream Farm has a job. From chicken chores to vehicle maintenance to setting up and selling at the market, the kids take on many of the responsibilities and rewards of the farm.

You can learn more about Hidden Stream Farm and order products through their website: . They deliver!

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