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We are excited to present our new design and name change to Rochester Farmers Markets! Our

new branding is one of many things we are doing to modernize the market experience for our

customers and vendors. We believe our efforts to transform Rochester Farmers Markets, while still

embracing our 34-year heritage, will help more people build sustaining relationships with the more

than 100 businesses that make up our vendor community.

The new logo conveys our focus on serving local food to the communities in Rochester, while

embracing the market’s heritage by retaining the field, red barn, and sun from the old logo,

introduced in 2007. The artwork was created by Tiffany Alexandria.

By simplifying our name to Rochester Farmers Markets (formerly Rochester Downtown Farmers

Market, Rochester Graham Park Farmers Market, Rochester Apache Mall Farmers Market, etc.…),

we have an opportunity to harmonize our multiple markets and locations around Rochester and even the potential to create new markets for different communities.

We based the new name on customer suggestions and queries (example from Google February


Beginning this spring, the new branding will appear on a line of merchandise available for sale by

our nonprofit partner Friends of the Farmers Market, with proceeds used to improve the market

experience and seek a permanent location.

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