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We are partnering with Rochester Downtown Alliance and The Rochester Posse on a Summer of Purple to celebrate the life and legacy of Prince.

Summer of Purple scavenger hunt will be hosted at Rochester Farmers Markets from today till AUGUST 31st!! Visit our market info booth for a purple scavenger hunt checklist, walk around the market and look for everything purple.

Find items that aren't always purple in the grocery store. Purple kohlrabi, kale, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage...

Come back to the market booth after finding at least 6 items on the list and get a sticker!

We will also be sharing PURPLE recipes on our Facebook, Instagram, and blog, make sure you follow us!

Download your printable scavenger hunt checklist here:

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Myles Sutton
Myles Sutton
Oct 10, 2023

A scavenger hunt is a fun and rewarding activity. At night, when the streets are empty, I go in search of plastic bottles, paper and other waste. However, along with the garbage, I often find stray cats and dogs wandering at night in search of food, which can sometimes be hunted by hunters who don’t care who they kill! If such people knew more about what animals can be hunted during the day or at night, or at least read post, then I think that they would leave homeless cute animals in peace. My hunt becomes a rescue mission for these poor animals and I try to help them find homes and care. This is a hunt that saves…

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