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market operations during covid-19

Rochester Farmers Market

OPEN At graham park

Saturdays  9:00am-12:00

To minimize risk to our valued vendors, customers, and staff, we emphasize:

  • Physical distance 

  • Hand washing and sanitizing

  • Strict adherence to guidance that people who are sick or at high risk stay home.

  • Face coverings are recommended, but not required. 

      Farmers markets are grocery stores, offering reliable, local food from trusted producers. We have been categorized as an essential service by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and are exempted from closures imposed by executive orders limiting public gatherings, bars, and restaurants.


     The decision to remain open was not one we made lightly, and we continue to diligently follow guidance from our local partners at Olmsted County Public Health, Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the Minnesota Farmers Market Association. We have adopted new best practices and creative solutions from other markets in Minnesota and across the nation, and we are committed to connecting shoppers in our community with high quality local products in the safest way possible.

Thank you, as always, for your support

of local food, small businesses,

and southeastern Minnesota farm families.

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