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Meet Your Farmers | The Greensted

New to the market in 2018, Dean and Jayne Bredlau are a power couple with a plan to retire from their day jobs to grow healthy, delicious greens.

The Greensted recently rebranded in 2020 from "My Sweet Greens MN."

From their website:

"Microgreens are tasty, tiny vegetable shoots that are harvested at the first true leaf stage. They add a boost of intense flavor to your salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and entrees or as garnish for side dishes. Add them to your breakfast, lunch and supper. Microgreens boast up to 40% more nutrition than when fully grown!

Microgreens are definitely gaining popularity. They are no longer a “chef only” luxury. Grown year-round, with sustainable practices, low food-print and on-trend local, clear label, #freshisbest high quality, it is our mission to see

Microgreens on every kitchen table."

While the products they bring to market are polished and professional, they enjoy opportunities on the farm to innovate and develop ways to make their production more sustainable and fulfilling. Jayne says they get endless fun out of watching the chickens, who have a constant supply of extra greens themselves! They also experiment with different age, stage, and mixture of greens to create distinct flavors. While the microgreens are grown in a carefully controlled climate indoors, the Bredlaus also grow garden beds with some season-extending hoop houses, and Dean has plans to expand into a nearby unused row crop area to grow additional vegetables.

At our summer and winter Saturday markets, look for The Greensted's award-winning educational display, and feel free to sample each mixture!

You can learn more about The Greensted on their website, on Facebook, or their contact form.

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