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507 MAGAZINE: December Farmers Market expands with holiday crafts and cookies

As the holiday season picks up speed, we are hosting two more Saturday markets on December 14 and 21 at Graham Park. These markets are held jointly with the Friends of the Farmers Market Holiday Bazaar, so the two buildings will be full with ~75 vendors each week and offer crafts, gifts, and brunch in addition to farm products!

In January, the market returns to one building (Graham Park Industrial Hall Building 35) every other Saturday for the remainder of the winter months: Jan 11, 25, Feb 8, 22, Mar 7, 21, Apr 4, 18.

Here's a few of our favorite tips for how to enjoy local products in the winter:

This late-season treat is a satisfying, healthy way to prepare all the hearty crops you see on our farmers’ tables in December. Most vegetables can be roasted, the key is a slow roast, light oil and your favorite seasoning mix. Don’t worry if you can’t tell a turnip from a rutabaga - the farmers will be more than happy to explain the difference and probably have tips on how to prepare them! Another great option is to look for a “roasting mix” which can be prepared all at once and saved throughout the week for a side dish or grain bowl. 

Market Manager Jess Joyce says that this is one dish she uses at least once a month! “I usually roast a medium-size (~4 lb) whole chicken on a weekend afternoon for my husband and I. We’ll enjoy drumsticks or other large cuts the first night, save the rest of the meat to shred for fajitas or soup, and make chicken stock out of the carcass and freeze it in ice cube trays for easy use.”

Holiday Favorites with Nearly-Zero Prep

  • Cookie or candy platters

  • Lefse (fresh, frozen, rolled up with butter and brown sugar, original and gluten-free options)

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