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Local musicians and performers share their time and talents with the community at all of our Markets.

If you are interested in playing or performing contact us to schedule dates. 

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We are excited to partner with community members, local businesses, and organizations to sustain and grow our successful retail marketplace. Market sponsors whose missions/visions are complementary to those of the RFM may set up promotional, educational, and informational booths outside the Market.

You may have seen these sponsors at our summer Saturday Markets in 2018:

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Community partnerships are great for the overall health of our Market, and we love working jointly with local organizations to promote health, wellness, and sustainable agriculture! You may have seen these groups at our summer Saturday Markets:

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20180804 OCPH
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channel one
Demonstrations & Other Ways to Share

There are many possibilities for Market-hosted guest events; if you have an idea for an activity that will create a partnership between your group and the RFM, we can schedule a Market date with you.  The RFM welcomes requests for demonstrations involving cooking, food preparation & preservation, crafts made from locally grown components, and gardening/sustainable agriculture.


We get many requests from non profits that wish to set up at the Market, but our growers-only policy prohibits us from providing booth or stall space in the vending areas to anyone but our vendors and scheduled Market guests.


There is room outside of the Market vending area where you are welcome to set up informational tables, if you have literature and/or promotional materials for upcoming events that you would like to share with the community. Please do not block pedestrian traffic, set up in the Market parking lot, offer items for sale or accept cash donations for fundraising purposes. 

A Note on Crafts

Some of our vendors sell beautiful crafted items that are made from products from their farms. However, because the RFM is a growers Market, these vendors are first and foremost local farmers, and were accepted as members of our association because they grow everything that they sell. 

Part of our mission is to support local farmers and to provide vital links between the family farm and the community — to establish a relationship between what we produce and what we consume. If you are an artisan or crafter but do not grow or raise the materials that you use to create your art, unfortunately we are unable to approve your application to become a vendor at our Market.


The Rochester Downtown Alliance hosts a wonderful market on Thursdays during the summer months. You may want to contact them regarding booth space for your art and/or crafts.

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